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eCampus Information:

To access ecampus, log in via the Bridge. If you cannot log in via the Bridge, you can go to http://bridgemontecampus.wvnet.edu and enter your userID (the first part of your Bridgemont smail account and password (your six-digit birthdate).

Login problems:

For support for online classes after 4:30 Monday-Friday, please contact WVNET eCampus Support via the Help Web Form or call them at 304.293.5192.

For support for face-to-face classes or blended classes that use eCampus, please contact Bridgemont Information at 304.734.6600.

To make sure your computer is ready for eCampus, review this list of browser requirements.

Alternate Access to eCampus:

Even if you cannot access eCampus via the B logo on the Bridgemont home page (http://www.bridgemont.edu), keep in mind that you can always access eCampus via the Bridge by going to “The Bridge Login” link on http://www.bridgemont.edu/index.php/students or directly to https://rand.wvnet.edu:9621/MONTPROD/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin

The list below has some useful handouts for your reference.

Other eCampus Help:

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Problems and known issues:

 1. When I click the red notifications button to see the news in my classes, I get an error.

 Notifications causes error message

This is a known issue with eCampus. The vendor has been notified, and we are waiting on a patch to fix this error. The patch fixing this error should be available in 2014. In the meantime, you can click the "Notifications Dashboard" link (immediately below the red number) to see all new items from all courses. You can also check from within each course for new items.