More Information

The administrative team at Bridgemont Community and Technical College is dedicated to managing the college in a solution-focused, student-centered manner.  The organizational structure is designed to ensure that college mission, goals and objectives are met. 

Listed below are administrative team members:

  • President: Beverly Jo Harris
  • Vice President Academic and Student Affairs: Kristin L. Mallory
  • Interim Vice President Workforce and Economic Development: Rebecca Prokity
  • Chief Advancement Officer: Jack Nuckols
  • Chief Financial Officer: Pat Hunt
  • Chief Information Officer: Thomas Minnich
  • Dean of Student Services: Jeanne Smith
  • Dean of Technology: Norman Mortensen
  • Dean of Extended Learning: Connie Fox
  • Dean of Business, Health and Humanities:  Suzette Breeden
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Gene Lopez
  • Chief Banner Officer: James Fauver
  • Senior Business Officer: Cathy Aquino
  • Director of Enrollment: Joyce Surbaugh
  • Chief Facilities Manager: George Hypes