What is the AMT Program?

The Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT) blends classroom instruction with on-site experience at the Toyota Manufacturing facility in Buffalo, WV.   The AMT Program includes a two-year Associate Degree that combines cutting-edge curriculum, paid working experience, along with learning highly sought after business principles and best practices of a world-class manufacturer.

Why is the AMT Program a Great Opportunity?

Teenagers do not always make the most rational decisions.  So, going thousands of dollars in debt for a degree in puppetry may be fun, it usually does not equate to landing a job.  The AMT program prepares graduates to excel in the job market or pursue a four-year degree.

However, the potential to make $62,000 plus benefits after two years of college is remarkable.  Students can also earn as much as $40,000 while attending college, which reduces the need for student loans and prepares students for a successful career and life.


Is the AMT Program Safe?

Toyota is one the world’s safest manufactures.  Toyota’s high standard of manufacturing excellence, which emphasizes safety and quality, is reinforced daily with all associates and management teams.  The AMT Program begins with a semester of extensive safety training.  Also,  safety awareness and risk reduction is integrated into every aspect of operations and training at the Toyota Manufacturing facility in Buffalo, WV.

What are the Costs of the AMT Program?

Bridgemont’s tuition is $146/credit hour, plus fees,  for an approximate cost of $1,950 per semester.  Students are responsible for payments.  Over two years, students can earn as much as $40,000 in salary, which with planning can cover all education expenses.  There are also potential grants and financial aid.

Students work 24 hours a week at the Toyota manufacturing facility in Buffalo, WV starting at $17.78 per hour.  Students must maintain a “C” or higher in all classes to be retained in this selective program.