Cashier’s Office
Room 205 Davis Hall
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Permits are available for the student parking lot located in the 500 block of Third Avenue between Potamkin Chinese Restaurant and the Bingo Hall.  The cost of a permit is $60 per academic year.  Vehicle registration and a photo ID must be presented as part of the application process.

Limited parking is available on First, Second and Third Avenues.


Davis Hall – Two spaces are located on Second Avenue near the building’s entrance.  A third space is located on First Avenue at the rear entrance on the east end of the building.

Westmoreland Hall – One space is available on Fayette Pike.

Upper Kanawha Valley Community Technology Building -  Two spaces are available in the parking lot at the corner of Third Avenue and Washington Street.


Visitor parking spaces are available near Davis Hall in the Faculty & Staff Parking Lot at the corner of Second Avenue and Monroe Street.