On the Day of the Test (at the location provided by your instructor)

  • Be ready to present your photo ID (Student ID or Driver’s License) to the test proctor.
  • The proctor will direct you to a computer (if taking online exam). Log into to your online course using the same log-in & password you use to access your course work.
  • If required, read, and then sign, a form explain the testing rules.
  • The proctor will fill out the bottom portion of the form that verifies who you are and that you followed all the rules.
  • The proctor will type in the test password for you.
  • If you wish to preview the form before your test appointment to be aware of what is expected of you, click on the Student Rules & Proctor Verification Form link.
  • After completing your test, log out of the computer (if applicable) and give the signed rules form (and paper exam, if applicable) back to the proctor.

To Test at Another Location, See Securing an Off-Campus Proctor.