Sustainability Institute at Bridgemont advances sustainable development across West Virginia in order to foster resilient communities, diversify the economy, and conserve natural resources for future generations. Sustainability Institute was created in 2009 to promote dialog and share information among education, economic development and government agencies, non-profits, and regional business leaders. The Institute provides training and technical assistance in three areas -- community development, academics, and workforce development. Diverse stakeholders collaborate with Sustainability Institute in order to build a network of sustainability professionals across the state. 

Sustainability Institute is located within the Workforce Development division at Bridgemont. Diverse, multi-sector partner organizations collaborate on three working groups to advance sustainability in each area of the mission. The Institute’s Advisory Council meets quarterly and provides support for long-range planning and fundraising.


A sustainable West Virginia… a place where individuals and organizations are developed to be environmentally, economically, and socially sound for the benefit of future generations.


Sustainability Institute at Bridgemont will work with others to:

  • Develop West Virginia’s workforce through business education and business process improvement
  • Enhance academics by supporting and improving higher education programs
  • Support community development in West Virginia by helping local communities use sustainable practices and materials as they grow